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Devine Fairytale

Mouse Shaped Balloon Sticker

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This purple mouse inspired balloon sticker is perfect for celebrating Disney World’s 50th Anniversary!

Stickers are individually die cut and are made of high quality, water resistant material.

Simply peel and stick to a clean, dry surface.

Add this matte sticker to your water bottle, laptop, notebook, or planner! If you use the sticker on any sort of cup, make sure to only hand wash the item as the dishwasher could cause damage to the sticker.

Colors may vary slightly due to computer and phone screen monitor displays and settings.

✨Please Note✨ Stickers purchased by themselves will be shipped through USPS as a letter and will not include a tracking number in order to save on shipping costs. This also means delivery times may vary depending on where the item is being shipped. If there is an issue, please reach out.

Item is approximately 3” H x 2.51” W.